I have, of late, been tinkering with 3.5 edition d&d. Like, a lot. My word document of houserules is really long, and cross-references a dozen other documents and web pages. And I thought, screw it. This is way too much effort. There must be a simpler way of presenting everything in a neat, orderly way.


Races-- a complete list, with complete stats for each.
Base Classes-- a complete list of those I allow, those I ban, and the changes I have made (simple or otherwise).
Prestige Classes-- there are way too many of these to easily list, and I don't know enough about most of them to want to tinker. There are a few new ones on here.
Feats-- Not many changes here, but browse the list to make sure.
Spells-- Again, there are too many spells to make many changes, but take a gander just in case.
Variant Systems-- Alternate ways of doing things. Not much here right now, may be more.
Assorted Houserules-- Minor rules changes I tend to use.
Campaign Pages-- If you're in a campaign I'm running, I'll try to keep a page or two up-to-date with plot summaries, prophecies, character lists, and so on.

3.5 Overhaul!

A few general notes on balance and philosophy:
  • I aim for tier 3-- good at one thing, but capable in others, or else decent at all things, but not as good as a character who specializes.
  • The baseline power is pretty high, on the assumption that it's a lot easier to boost non-magic classes so they can work in a party with wizards and clerics, rather than try to nerf the hundreds of powerful spells.
  • I really don't like preparing spells. It almost makes sense for clerics and others who get their spells directly from the gods, but it's a clunky system and takes far too much time. I much prefer spontaneous casting or the spirit shaman method of retrieving spells (see the godspeaker for an example of how that works).

Mutants and Masterminds

Overwatch Timeline
Characters (GM use)
Player Characters
New Info from Power Profiles
Encounter Calculator

STaRS (Simplified Tabletop Roleplaying System)